Who are we?

MOTO-E-MOTION is a business initially founded and based in Birkenfeld, Germany, for over 15 years. It specializes in offering engine optimization and services in terms of sustainable use of resources. The business currently operates nationwide in Germany however, in 2014 it began operating internationally and has now launched in the United Kingdom.


It has several distributors and businesses trained in the fitting of Moto-E-Motion products for various customers, on both land and sea. It has established an excellent market position through innovative products; offering solutions in the fields of fuel consumption optimization; knowledge and experience in vehicle combustion systems; and professional cooperation with numerous partners to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

MOTO-E-MOTION, the E-nect effect, a new kind of efficiency.

Company history:

  • From 2000 Research and development work on a market-ready vehicle optimization system for all combustion engines, based on physico-chemical basis
  • 2006 Company foundation Moto-E-Motion
    Buildup of distribution partners
  • 2008 Expansion into other distribution channels
    Development of new industry solutions
  • 2009 Extension of the product range (Tube)
  • 2012 Realignment of marketing & sales concepts for brand dealers, food & cold chain logistics, construction machines and disposer transporters
  • 2013 Extension of the product range (Booster)

What exactly are we doing?

We do vehicle optimization. As a company we take genuine interest of vehicle users, be it cars, trucks, motorcycles, ships/boats, airplanes, and also heating systems (in Germany). We are committed to meet, improve and satisfy the needs of our customers.

The wider Moto-E-Motion team, both in the UK and in Germany is motivated to provide an ideal solution from an economical and ecological viewpoint. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for Moto-E-Motion. The company is constantly working on new and innovative developments in order to be able to adapt to all long-term challenges in the market. Moto-E-Motion succeeds through competence and expertise to expand its existing network and to offer solutions in all areas of engine technology. From the outset, Moto-E-Motion has focused on maintaining close relationships with its customers and suppliers, which has been key to creating an open and collaborative operating environment.


Moto-E-Motion is increasingly working with world-renowned company brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, VW, and Scania. There is significant take up of the Moto-E-Motion products within the Road Transport and Logistics sector, which is helping to grow the reputation of Moto-E-Motion products and its distribution network. At the beginning Moto-E-Motion concentrated on transport and vehicle park supervision. Additionally to vehicle optimization, which is accomplished without electronic and mechanical intervention, detailed fuel consumption analyses and measurements for various telematics systems and driving styles can be offered.

What does vehicle optimization mean for us?

„Our approach to vehicle optimization is not progression, but the customization and utilization of existing performance“ (Horst Kern, 2014).

In today’s times, vehicle manufacturers are under close political observation and are prompted to comply with more and more environmental guidelines. Consequently, engineers must design engines that combined dynamics and efficiency. With advancement in technology, nowadays combustion engines should be in every way developed to be more powerful and fuel-efficient. This is usually achieved through induction of compressed air or electronic adjustment via control units.

However, this technique is limited, either by the materials or the requirements of political systems. At this point, various vehicle optimizers intervene, with systems that are either of an electronic or chemical additive nature. The majority of these systems presented in the market place are of this nature. These optimization systems have both advantages and disadvantages. All have the problem of warranty and detectability, because the vehicle manufacturers do not guarantee warranty coverage for any modifications or changes made to their vehicles or engines.

Based on this the founder Mr. Horst Kern established a market-ready system, which does not require any mechanical or electronic modifications of the engine, thus providing no warranty problems for the manufacturer. Knowledge about the behavior of different materials under mechanical and thermal load and its consequences are the foundations of the current systems. Today’s vehicles are equipped for high performance, but unfortunately the energy generated in the motor is only converted to a maximum of about 40% in forward movement. In technical terms this phenomenon is referred to as the efficiency of the collective. In a simplified view this means a certain percentage of the energy supplied by fuel (gasoline or diesel), is converted into propulsion energy during the combustion process. However, the remaining 60 to 65 percentage is lost through friction and thermal energy. Now, in comes the E-nect system.

Step 1

Through a contact reaction of the Moto-E-Motion designed parts, which are placed in key vibration resonance points, this results in an engine that is better balanced and running more efficiently. As less energy is being dissipated through friction, engine efficiency increases, thus, combustion is changed to a smoother and cleaner operation. The lambda sensor detects a change in oxygen content and informs the controller with improved values. This in turn adjusts the air flap and the injection quantity, so that the engine responds with more elasticity and provides a better throttle response and a greater rev range.

Step 2

In the second step, the engine air intake is antistatic treated with glued electromagnetic fields, whereby the quality of the air supplied changes positively, which in turn is sensed by the air flow meter and thus new information is provided to the engine control unit. Consequently, the engine breaths better, is more balanced and thus becomes more efficient.

Step 3

Finally, the fuel quality is further influenced by a contact reaction. This takes place from the outside of the fuel line, without breaking the fuel line or using any additives. The fuel recognizes the impact of the contact reaction and reacts with improved combustibility.

All these components are combined in the E-nect systems, so that the vehicles get a whole new character after the installation.

“MOTO-E-MOTION, the E-nect effect, a new kind of efficiency”.


Horst KernInhaber

Horst Kern founded the company Moto-E-Motion in 2006. Prior to that, he spent many years on research and development for the E-nect system. He is both an all-rounder and specialist in the field of field service, dealer support, customer support, technology and sales.

Telefon: +49 7231 / 414 67 - 97

Our Team

The Moto-E-Motion team is enthusiastic, innovative, flexible and helpful, regarding all matters concerning vehicle optimization. The team has expertise from the areas of health and safety, environmental, motorcycle, automobile, aerospace and marine industries. Together we cover a wide range of expertise, so that comprehensive and fast services and solutions can be offered to our customers.

The E-nect System

Moto-E-Motions E-nect system works on a purely physical basis and is able to optimize materials, which are mechanically and thermally loaded, so that the energy losses are reduced. Various physical contact reactions obtain a fine balancing of the engine and lead to a longer and wider combustion process. The result is a clearly noticeable shift in engine torque, thus the driver is able to accelerate in a shorter time, with less pressure on the accelerator pedal, and earlier gear changes up to the next higher gears. Through a direct fuel intake an excellent dynamic is generated in all gears, without forcing a gear downshift in order to access torque. Thus, the E-nect systems meet all technical requirements. The technical changes and benefits are:

  • Faster acceleration
  • Less load changes
  • Driving in high gears for longer periods
  • More flexibility across the entire rev range
  • More dynamics while rotation speed/ rpm in higher gear
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Ability to transfer the systems into a new vehicle (70% of the system)
  • No vehicle electronics and mechanics modification (warranty Unaffected)



All vehicles with combustion engines have something in common.


They are all powered by fossil fuels.


Moto-E-Motion optimizes the combustion process: cars, trucks, motorcycle, even ships / boats, airplanes and heating systems all benefit with a softer and cleaner combustion process. Thus, all optimized engines get a new character in engine elasticity and dynamics.


Commercial Vehicles

Present day commercial vehicles are purely tools with a high degree of performance in order to transport corresponding amounts of load. This fact requires the acceptance of high fuel consumption and a high degree of wear on the vehicles. Through the use of telematics systems and courses from Eco-trainers, commercial vehicle drivers can get a feeling they are using their working tool in a manner that minimizes wear and fuel consumption.


The E-nect system provides the opportunity to enjoy the aforementioned drivability of your vehicle. Through improved engine response and better dynamics in higher gears you can enjoy a new driving experience – even at low speed ranges, which not only saves your budget but also the environment.


Nowadays, transporters play an important role in the transportation of people and goods. The E-nect system perceives the problem of today’s transporters and enables a smoother and more comfortable driving experience for every situation.

Contracting partner

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Brühlstraße 38
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Industriegebiet Am Markbach in der Sangen 6
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76437 Rastatt
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An der Roßweid 2
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Karl Schmidt Spedition GmbH&Co.KG
Rötelstraße 1
74076 Heilbronn


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